Energy survey looks for more response

FORT FRANCES—The Fort Frances Power Corp.’s energy use survey is wrapping up this month, with the deadline to enter coming up Thursday, Aug. 31.
Those FFPC customers who haven’t yet participated in it are highly encouraged to do so, FFPC CEO and president Jim Kibiuk said Monday.
“We’re almost there. We’ve had a very good response from customers in Fort Frances,” he remarked. “[But] we need a few more to get us to our mandated level for the OEB [Ontario Energy Board].
“Hopefully, this week and next week, we’ll get where we need to go.”
Kibiuk said more than 800 FFPC customers have responded so far. The target number is 900.
The surveys can be found on-line at
Customers also can pick them up at the FFPC office (downstairs at the Civic Centre), have a survey mailed to you (by calling the FFPC at 274-9291), or by participating in a phone survey (although Kibiuk noted the phone survey team has cut back on making calls at this point).
Anybody who completes the survey in any of its forms will be entered in a draw to win up to $1,000 in Energy Star appliances. The draw will be made Wednesday, Sept. 6.
There are two purposes to the survey. First, it fulfills the mandate of the OEB for utilities everywhere in the province to develop “a utility-specific customer load profile” (basically determining how customers are consuming their energy).
Secondly, it allows the FFPC to fine-tune its conservation efforts by letting it know what customers already are doing to save energy.
The information gathered from customers by this survey will be used only for research purposes and for administration of the contest, and will not be disclosed for any other purpose except as permitted or required by law.
< *c>LED lights
Meanwhile, Kibiuk noted traffic lights in town will be switched over to more energy-efficient Light Emitting Diode (LED) versions later this year.
While this process was to have already started, he said there was a unforeseen setback.
“They’re back-ordered,” said Kibiuk. “With every utility trying to get this done for their municipality, there’s kind of a waiting list to when the bulbs will be available.”
With the new lights, the town is expecting to see a 75-80 percent savings in kWh consumption, as well as less maintenance (because the bulbs have a longer lifespan) and increased public safety (because they’re brighter).
For those curious as to what LED traffic lights look like, two sets in town already have been converted in the past year as test cases.
These are the primary east-facing lights at King’s Highway and McIrvine Road, as well as the south-facing secondary lights at Central Avenue and Third Street West.
(Primary lights are the higher sets of lights which extend over the road while secondary ones are those affixed to a pole at a lower height).
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)