‘Encore’ vouchers still available

After still not selling all the tour de Fort “Encore” series vouchers at Saturday night’s Barra MacNeils concert here, they will be on sale again all this week.
“People always ask us, ‘When are you selling tickets?’ The fact that we’re doing it all week long is really more convenient,” said Wanda Botsford, director of publicity for tour de Fort.
Vouchers for the three-concert series are available at the Fort Frances Public library and Investors Group (130 Second St. E.) for $40 each. Botsford noted about 150 vouchers are still left, meaning tour de Fort has sold 280 so far.
She added that if the “Encore” series doesn’t sell out before its first concert this Sunday at the Townshend Theatre, there’s a possibility tour de Fort will sell tickets to each concert at the door.
“We’ll let people know on Friday their chances of getting in,” said Botsford.
The Waifs, an Australian acoustic band, will open the three-concert series Sunday night. Rounding out the lineup will be the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra (Feb. 7) and country singer Amanda Stott (March 3).
Botsford stressed the vouchers are perfect for any fans of the tour de Fort “Passport” series, as well as those who may have missed out getting a passport.
“Every single group in the series this year is top quality. We are in a position to pay more for each group now so the bar has been raised,” she remarked.
“It’s difficult to say who the headliner is. It really boils down to your preference in music,” she added. “The beauty of a tour de Fort ‘Passport’ or ‘Encore’ series voucher is that you get to hear styles of music that may not usually listen to.”
Anyone with questions can contact Botsford (274-8515) or Gary Rogozinski (274-3704).