Emo residents to use recycling bags

The Township of Emo will continue to recycle but residents will start putting their items into transparent bags rather than “blue boxes,” said Irwin Morphet, supervisor of the Emo landfill site.
It is felt that bags will provide a more efficient and cleaner system,” he noted.
The transparent bags, which can be purchased at Tompkins Hardware, Fairway, and Cloverlead Grocery, are to be dropped off at depots located at the municipal garage yard or Emo landfill site.
“Our program will commence at the end of July,” noted Morphet.
However, the Emo landfill site is accepting the following recyclable products: pop cans, tin cans, newspaper/magazines/office paper, shredded paper, cardboard, #1 plastic (pop bottles), and #2 plastic (detergent and Javex bottles).
Tipping fees for residents are $7 for passenger vehicles, $14 for passenger vehicle with trailer, $14 for half-ton trucks, $58 for a single-axle truck, and $144 for tandem trucks and trailers.
Garbage trucks, containerized hauling units, and tanker trucks cost $173.
A $50 annual fee will be charged to all residents outside of Emo’s jurisdiction but within the Emo exchange.
The cost to dump tires is $4 (passenger), $10 (semi), and $50 (off road such as skidder, loader, and tractor).
There is a $50 fee to dump fridges, freezers, and air conditioners with freon and no charge without freon (but the appliance must be tagged by a certified person).