Emo native vying as a ‘bachelorette’


There will be a district connection when a third season of “The Bachelor Canada” begins airing next month.
Emo native Jessie Baker was unveiled last week as one of the 20 “bachelorettes” who will be vying to win over the heart of Chris Leroux, a 33-year-old former Major League Baseball player originally from Montreal.
Baker, a 25-year-old currently living in Winnipeg, is a youth care practitioner who works with at-risk youths aged 12-17.
“I kind of got into working with at-risk youth because I was an at-risk youth,” she revealed in a 96-second promotional video for the show that was posted online.
“I am not ashamed of my past because I’m grateful that I learned so much from it because, like, basically my past is why I am who I am today, right?” Baker reasoned.
“So that’s why I do the job that I do.”
Billed as a reformed rebel with a cause, Baker’s online profile for the show states she once was kicked out of her parents’ house for being too rebellious.
But she’s since turned her life around and now counts her family as her biggest support system.
“My parents [are] 100 percent supportive of everything that I do,” she noted.
Baker said her proudest moment was obtaining her Master’s degree.
“Because I basically failed high school,” she remarked. “So graduating high school was an accomplishment, but actually getting my Master’s was a big accomplishment.”
Baker also revealed how she deals with conflict.
“If someone, like, pushed me on the ground, I’m not just going to like lay on the ground–I’m going to get up and push back,” she said in the video.
“Because that’s the kind of person that I am.
“I’m in it to win it and I’m not backing down,” she vowed.
As for her best feature, Baker said it’s her abs.
“I’ve been working really hard on them,” she stressed.
Baker, who cites Florida Georgia Line and Nelly as the type of music she likes, listed being a good listener, very outgoing, and spontaneous as her three best qualities.
The latter also is what she looks for in a guy?
“Like, I want a guy that says, ‘Yeah, let’s go on a road trip to Chicago this weekend,’ but then the next weekend, he’s like let’s just put our onesies on and compare butt flaps and then just watch Netflix,” Baker said in the video.
And what is the meaning of marriage to her?
“Spending your life with your best friend,” she replied in the online profile.
Dishonesty is her relationship deal-breaker.
“I don’t care what you did or how bad it is, as long as you’re honest with me about it,” Baker noted.
Baker also made it clear why she’ll win over Leroux in the end.
“The ‘Bachelor,’ you’re going to love me because I’m wild, crazy, fun, honest, and a small-town girl,” she remarked.
Production of the show was scheduled to begin in the spring. But no one is saying, of course, whether Baker is the one who snags the final rose.
To find out, district residents will have to tune in starting Oct. 11 at 8 p.m. (CDT) on W Network.