Emergency exercise planned tomorrow

Local residents will hear emergency sirens tomorrow at 2 p.m. but there will be no reason to panic—it’s just a test.
The Fort Frances Municipal Control Group will be holding an emergency exercise tomorrow afternoon to simulate a real disaster—and gauge how well prepared it is if something were to happen.
“It’s to see how it all works,” said Capt. Joe Bobczynski of the Fort Frances Fire and Rescue Service. “We’ve had meetings and gone through it and everybody knows what they have to do. But it’s never been put into practice.
“Fortunately, we’ve never really had a big disaster since this has all been in place,” he added. “Being prepared is better than not being prepared.”
When the alarm sounds at 2 p.m., representatives from the fire, ambulance, and police, as well as the mayor, town administration, and management, and possibly the MInistry of Natural Resources, are expected to convene as quickly as possible downstairs at the Civic Centre.
The committee room will be transformed into a command centre with telephones and the like, and the various representatives will have to act as if the emergency were real.
The crisis will be followed by a debriefing, where members of the Municipal Control Group can critique what they did right and what could have been done better next time.
The drill will last less than two hours, Capt. Bobczynski estimated.