Election forum set for tonight


Those running for mayor and town council will get a chance to speak to the public when the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce hosts a candidates’ forum this evening.
The event will start at 6:30 p.m. at the Memorial Sports Centre auditorium.
All candidates for council will have up to three minutes to speak while those for mayor will get up to five minutes.
Each candidate can discuss anything they like during this period.
The 16 running for council will speak first, followed by the three mayoral candidates.
The speaking order will be drawn at 6:15 p.m., prior to the start of the event.
Each speaker will be timed and may not exceed their allotted time.
The candidates’ forum is scheduled to run until 8 p.m.
After that, one hour will be allotted for members of the public to meet with the candidates and ask them questions.
The forum has been timed to coincide with electors receiving their mail-in voting kits in the mail this week.
The Chamber also provided the candidates with five questions, the answers to which will be posted on the Chamber’s website in the near future
(possibly as soon as the end of this week).
There was not enough time for every candidate to answer all of them prior to tonight’s forum.
These questions asked candidates what they would do to create jobs, attract and retain business, recruit professionals to the community, develop tourism, maintain the town’s infrastructure, and foster partnerships within and without the community, among other things.
The Chamber decided not to include the local school board candidates because that would draw out the event too long, noting its focus is on the municipal candidates.