Easter Market swamped with customers

If you didn’t get to the annual Easter Market before noon Saturday, chances are whatever you were looking for was sold out.
Held at the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market site on McIrvine Road here last Thursday and Saturday, customers literally gobbled up the vendors’ items on both days the market was open, especially at the Lowey’s Greenhouse booth.
Blair Lowey said the amount of business generated from the market surprised a lot of the vendors, including himself, noting his wife, Donna, pretty much had run out of Easter lilies and most tropical baskets by 11 a.m. Saturday.
“The Thursday market was very good,” he said. “Saturday’s was unreal. We ended up digging into our Mothers’ Day stock.”
Business was almost as brisk for Trish Neilson at the Rainy River Preserves stand, who shared her space with Sunset Ridge Food Processing Ltd.
While the flowers may have sold the fastest during the market, Neilson said her own supplies of maple syrup and six-year-old cheese also were highly sought by customers.
“Every time I go at the beginning of the year, I can’t believe how people were so excited to see us,” she remarked. “They’re upbeat, happy, very vibrant.”
Deb Cornell, president of the Clover Valley Farmers’ Market association, also was very pleased with the turnout this year.
“I went at 1 p.m. Saturday and they had massive rush of people Saturday morning, it was almost sold out,” she said. “[And] they looked like they had a good showing of vendors.”
Several new vendors were at the Easter Market this year, with Cornell saying the number of vendors has increased every year since it started.
“I think people like to use it as a bit of a warm-up [for the regular market],” she said.
“And we picked up a few new vendors for the regular market and that’s a good thing,” agreed Neilson.
The regular farmers’ market opens for the season Saturday, May 2. And the success at this year’s Easter Market has a lot of vendors raring to go.
“I’m all pumped for it,” Neilson said. “I think [the Easter Market’s success] is a very good omen.”