E-mail problems being resolved

A recent server changeover between Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and TBayTel caused some problems for local residents who use Sunset Communications as their Internet service provider.
Sunset customers couldn’t access their e-mail for two days because of the changeover.
John Ducharme, a staff member at Sunset, said the company’s Internet provider used to be Lakehead University, but had switched to TBayTel when that company bought the university’s network.
TBayTel continued using the “@ff.lakeheadu.ca” domain name during the phase-out period.
“Lakehead told [TBayTel] they had a certain amount of time to switch, that they would no longer be allowed to use ff.lakeheadu.ca,” Ducharme said.
He added it was the responsibility of TBayTel to establish a new domain name and that the company was given two years’ notice.
The deadline was Dec. 17, 2003.
“So Wednesday, Lakehead pulled that name from their server and up until [Thursday] night at 10 o’clock, nobody was able to check their e-mail,” Ducharme noted.
A spokesperson for TBayTel said he didn’t know the explanation for the disruption in service, and that company staff who might be able to explain it were not available.
“The only thing I can think of is that the owner of the addressing didn’t give us any notice as to when they wanted them back, and they just went ahead and did something.
“But I don’t even know that,” said Kevin Burns of TBayTel.
Ducharme said Sunset customers now can access their e-mail with the old domain name, but only for a limited time.
“Lakehead is allowing us to continue using the “ff.lakeheadu.ca” until Jan. 15,” he explained.
“About two months ago, we started up our own server, and we’re in the process of switching over our customers to that,” he added.
Customers must come in person to the Sunset Communications office to get switched over to the company’s new server.
There is no charge for the switchover, with the new domain name being “@nwonet.net”