Drop off liquor bottles at Beer Store: Brown

FORT FRANCES—While local residents have been able to return their empty liquor bottles to The Beer Store for a refund since Feb. 5, far too many people keep dropping off their empties at the blue recycling bins on Wright Avenue.
And the town’s manager of Operations and Facilities wants to see that stop.
“We don’t want any liquor bottles,” Doug Brown said Wednesday, adding liquor bottles comprise half of the glass material that continues to be dropped off at the bins.
“That’s money they’re throwing away,” he stressed. “It drives me nuts to see people throwing away something when they could actually be making money.
“I want the glass to go The Beer Store instead of dropped off here,” added Brown. “I don’t want to see this still happening.”
Brown stressed that by dropping off their liquor bottles at the town bins, people are not only wasting their own money, but giving Public Works staff extra work and thus costing taxpayers money.
The less glass that’s brought in, the less frequently staff have to empty the bins and take the glass to the landfill site for stockpiling. And the less glass that’s stockpiled, the less often it has to be shipped elsewhere for recycling.
Since Feb. 5, Ontarians have been paying a deposit on wine and liquor containers as the province brought into effect a new fee to promote recycling with its “Bag It Back” initiative.
But they can get back that deposit by returning these containers to The Beer Store. They’ll get a 20-cent refund for glass bottles, Tetra Paks, and other containers greater than 630 mL, and 10 cents each for smaller ones.
They’ll get refunds not only for glass bottles, but plastic bottles, Tetra Pak containers, bag-in-box, aluminum, and steel containers purchased at the LCBO.
Containers with a volume of 100 mL or less (e.g., 50 mL minis), as well as containers purchased at duty-free stores, and do-it-yourself beer and wine-making stores, are the only liquor containers that won’t be accepted at The Beer Store.
In related news, Brown said the blue recycling bins at the Public Works building should be done away with in the next few weeks and replaced by a single, large green bin, into which all glass returns will go.
Unlike the current system, where the blue bins are unloaded and transported to the landfill for stockpiling until the glass is shipped off to southern Ontario for recycling, the new green bin will be emptied at a storage area located right at the Public Works yard.
The glass eventually will be taken away as it is now, but unlike the current system, this on-site storage saves on frequent trips to the landfill.
(Fort Frances Daily Bulletin)