‘Drive-thru breakfast’ deemed roaring success

“It blew away all of our expectations.”
That’s the only way Bill Liggins of the local Voyageur Lions Club could describe the first-annual “Drive-Thru Breakfast” fundraiser it held last Thursday morning at the Tim Hortons parking lot here.
“We started at 6 a.m. and we supposed to go until 10 a.m. We were sold out by 8:30,” he remarked.
Liggins added the first half-hour to 45 minutes was a little slow, but it wasn’t long before all 250 bags were given away in exchange for a minimum donation of $5 (although some people gave more).
These bags contained food, beverages, and a variety of gifts (such as vouchers for free hamburgers, toothbrushes, and more) valued at about $10.
And one in four bags contained a bonus gift ranging from $5 gift certificates, a beauty bag, jewellery, body massager, and a $100 gift certificate from Green’s Countrywide up to an overnight accommodation for two in an executive jacuzzi suite at the Port Arthur Hotel in Thunder Bay.
(If the gift was too big to fit in a bag, the bag had a ticket with a number on it so the winner could claim it later at Voyageur Lions Club member Dr. Jeremy McGuire’s office).
“After our expenses, we raised close to $1,500, so it was very successful,” noted Liggins, who organized the event. “Of course, all funds will stay local and be used to support children’s activities.”
Liggins said the drive-thru breakfast also served as exposure for the Voyageur Lions Club—to heighten people’s awareness of them and let it be known that there are two Lions Clubs operating in town.
“Bill Liggins deserves a huge pat on the back,” said Voyageur Lions Club president Val Martindale. “I thought it was amazing.
“We were really pleased with the response we had—both from the local businesses that supported us and the public that stopped by for breakfast,” she added.
And given the success of the fundraiser, will the club do it again in the future? “We’re certainly giving it strong consideration,” said Liggins.