Drinking water advisory issued after hydrant replacement

Merna Emara
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

The fire hydrant at 1024 Williams Ave is being replaced. Residents living in affected areas were issued a drinking water advisory as a precautionary measure due to the work on the water distribution system.
Craig Miller, the environmental superintendent for the Town of Fort Frances, said an advisory does not mean the water is contaminated, but rather means the water quality is still unknown.
The advisory said customers should assume the water is unsafe to drink and take precautions such as running the cold water tap to remove all discolouration and refraining from washing dishes or bathing during this time.
Residents are also advised to boil water for at least one minute and let it cool before storing it in the refrigerator or using it for drinking or cooking.
A sample of the water near the construction site has been taken for testing.
“These water samples have been sent to an accredited laboratory (ALS Laboratory Group in Thunder Bay) for analysis. Once the results from the laboratory have been confirmed that the water is safe for consumption, affected customers will be notified. Notification of test results may take up to five business days.”
It is advised that residents do not use the water in ways that may result in its ingestion such as bathing, cooking and washing your teeth.
Water should also be boiled before being used for other activities that may result in its ingestion, such as washing fruits or vegetables, brushing your teeth or giving it to your pets.