Downtown store getting a facelift

Duane Hicks

A retail mainstay in downtown Fort Frances is getting a makeover.
Renovations have begun on the front of McTaggarts–work that’s been a long time coming, said company president John McTaggart.
“First of all, there’s been a couple of businesses downtown that have fixed up the face of their building,” he noted.
“And with the trees coming out, it certainly revealed that our building was quite outdated and needed to some attention.
McTaggart added the town and senior levels of government investing money in the market square is going to enhance the downtown.
“And we certainly want to make sure that we are a good part of that downtown and want to update things,” he remarked.
McTaggart noted the McTaggarts sign, for example, had a style of lettering on it that hasn’t been used for decades and, simply put, it looked outdated.
“We are very pleased to be a part of the downtown,” he stressed. “We are blessed with great support from the community and we have to re-invest in our business in order to keep it current.
“It’s time to do that.
“I think the downtown is on a nice upswing and we want to be a part of it,” said McTaggart.
“If you don’t continue to reinvest in your business, it gets out of hand and gets to be so expensive that you can’t manage it,” he noted.
Kyle Glowasky Contracting is conducting the facelift, which will include a new McTaggarts sign, new lights over the sign, and new siding.
The overhang will remain but will get new soffit, fascia, pot lighting, and shingles.
“I think it will be very appealing and pleasing to the eye, and should tie in with our neighbours very well,” McTaggart said.
The work is expected to take abut a month-and-a-half, with entry to the store available from the west side of the fencing.
Customers will be able to access the store throughout the renovation process.