Doing the most good

The fall season is upon us and our children are heading back to school. This is a time to get things back to normal, and get ourselves back into our comfortable routines.
For some, though, this autumn season is not going to be a time to get reacquainted with what is familiar and comfortable.
For those affected by Hurricane Katrina, life is going to be anything but familiar or comfortable for a very long time, if ever. It is on behalf of those people that we are reaching out to you, today.
In the three states most effected, there are millions of people without power. Many have lost their loved ones, their homes and are without food, clean drinking water or shelter.
The Salvation Army is currently providing services to storm victims and first responders in the Gulf Coast States. It has activated EDS units to coordinate, and readied over 72 mobile canteens. Each of these canteens serves around 5,000 meals a day.
The Salvation Army has also dispatched an EDS team with its 54-foot mobile kitchen, which is serving 20,000 meals a day.
As you can see, there is going to be a real need for all to join together to supply the funds for such a huge relief effort to be successful.
In the past, the Rainy River District has shown its generosity to The Salvation Army in the form of financial donations and donations of kind to the Thrift Store and Food Bank. For this, we are deeply grateful.
Once again, we need your help. Without your generosity, The Salvation Army will not be capable of stepping up and supplying all that is needed to minister to those who are in such dire need due to this disaster.
Donations can be made through the Fort Frances Corps of The Salvation Army. Your gifts may be dropped off or mailed to 316 Victoria Avenue, Fort Frances, Ontario P9A 2C2.
For any enquiries, contact the Corps at 807-274-3871. We welcome your interest and support as we work to assist the relief efforts.
Keep in mind, a $100 donation will feed a family of four for two days, provide two cases of drinking water and one clean up kit.
The Salvation Army continues to do what we have done for over a century and a half—responding to those in need. We thank you, in advance, trusting in your support.
Committed to the Lord,
Captains Angel and Marlene Sandoval
Corps Officers Fort Frances Ministries