District quick to respond to ultrasound campaign

Press Release

The people of Rainy River District have shown once again how much they value health care.
Back in May, “Ultrasound 9-1-1,” a campaign to raise money to purchase an ultrasound machine for the emergency department at the Rainy River Health Centre kicked off.
Three months later, the committee is nearing its goal of $50,000.
“I couldn’t believe it,” enthused campaign chairman Larry Armstrong.
“Our committee took it easy throughout the summer months and last week I figured it was time to get back at it, so I checked in with the [Riverside] Foundation [for Health Care] to see where we were at,” he explained.
“Teresa Hazel called me and said we had already received $44,000 in donations and pledges.”
With this news, Armstrong said it looks like the new equipment can be ordered this fall—welcome news for hospital staff, physicians, and patients.
“This equipment will provide our emergency department with a new service that will help treat our patients quicker and more efficiently,” said Dr. Singleton who, along with Dr. Beller, advocated for this equipment.
Tammy McNally, nurse manager at the Rainy River Health Centre, also was very pleased with the campaign’s quick progress.
“I’m excited but not really surprised because the community has shown time and time again how much they support health care in our community and in our district,” she remarked.
The committee is encouraging anyone who has been considering making a donation or a pledge to get it in quickly so the equipment can be ordered.
Armstrong also wanted to extend his appreciation, on behalf of the committee, to each and every one who already has made their gift.
“The quick response has been overwhelming and we are very grateful,” he noted.
“If we go over the campaign total, we might be able to enhance the service or add to new projects,” he added.
Pledge cards were sent to each household in the Rainy River area before summer.
If you need a pledge card or would like to make a donation, call the Foundation office in Fort Frances at 274-4803 or Armstrong at 852-3243, or stop by the Rainy River Health Centre.
Foundation director Teresa Hazel was happy to assist with this campaign, and talked about the importance of grassroots fundraising.
“Our health care facilities in the Rainy River District have state-of-the-art equipment because of our residents.
“Their generosity makes a difference in our health care system and everyone benefits!” she enthused.
As stated during the campaign’s kick-off, it’s ULTRASOUND 9-1-1 and your support is critical!