District mourning an ‘amazing woman’

Robin McCormick
Devlin correspondent

In my last 20 years of writing the Devlin news, it is fair to say some weeks are more difficult than others to write about what’s happening.
This week certainly is one of them–starting here in our own district. And I say district because the sudden passing of the beautiful (inside and out) Kim Clendenning (nee Belluz) has touched our entire area and beyond.
Kim passed way unexpectedly last week and hearts are still broken, and likely will be for days on end. Kim was a vivacious, fun, and intelligent person who had such a vital part of the many lives she touched.
Her parents, brothers, stepchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, huge circle of friends, and so, so many more will struggle immensely without this dynamic women in their lives.
Kim always took the time with everyone to make them feel important. I remember the many times I visited the dental centre, both for myself and with people from my employment.
There always were warm, fuzzy feelings when you spent your time with Kim.
Our entire district sends its sympathies, prayers, and support to those hurting the most.
A women’s life can be measured by how she has touched the lives of others! Without a doubt, Kim can be measured as an amazing woman!
The second sad, pathetic happening this week was the mass shootings in Las Vegas. Many district people have holidayed there and the thoughts of the brutal shootings touch us all.
The event touched close to the Allan family as Lois and her friend, Rosalie, were stuck right in the chaos of the disaster.
Thankfully, they weren’t harmed and now are home safely.
• • •
Dale La Belle’s annual one-day Rainy Lake Bass Classic on Saturday was a great success.
Some 51 teams took to the water this year and when the final duo weighed in, Kalin Wagner and Scott Dingwall wound up in first place with a three-fish total weight of 13.52 pounds.
The second-biggest weight went to Jason and Van Pavleck (13.26), followed by Jason Cain and Dan Tucker in third (12.10).
The biggest fish caught was 5.10 pounds, which was caught by Wagner and Dingwall.
Hats off to all the organizers, volunteers, anglers, and cheering sections.
• • •
I want to wish Jessie Baker much success as she competes in “The Bachelor Canada,” which will air on W Network starting next Wednesdsay (Oct. 11) at 8 p.m.
Your community is all behind you. And as you said, “I’m in it to win it and I’m not backing down.”
We’re behind you, Jessie!
• • •
I’d like to welcome Jason and Tabitha Schroeder and daughter, Desarae, to our community.
This family is very happy to move into the previous home of Diane Clifford on Cemetery Road, which is close to me.
It was sad to see Diane move but as we all know she will be close “in heart” to all people wherever she lives.
Diane is sad to leave her longtime Devlin home but feels it was the right time to relocate to Fort Frances.
• • •
Robin’s 2¢:
Anyone who says their wedding day was the best day of their life obviously never has had two chocolate bars fall down at once from a vending machine!