District catches eye of business

Scalacs Inc. is interested in setting up a plant to recycle small wire from the North American mid-west, and Rainy River District has caught their eye.
Company reps toured district communities last week, said Geoff Gillon, community investment manager at the Rainy River Future Development Corp.
“They’re looking for a person [or persons] interested in a recycling facility,” Gillon said, noting the Brampton-based company recycles small wire.
“They’ve got a technology to separate the wire, which is the copper, from the plastic,” he noted. “They’re prepared to work with anybody in the district and put it together.
“It could be a group of investors or an individual.”
Gillon said the plant wouldn’t have to be very big, about 10,000 sq. ft., and it would employ about 10-14 people.
“It’s a new industry for the district,” he remarked, one that wouldn’t rely on pulp and paper and wood products.
Scalacs, which already has one operating recycling plant in Brampton, first learned about Rainy River District through Dan Wright at a conference in Minneapolis.
Since the company is looking to tap into the mid-western market, the district becomes a perfect location as it is at the centre of the continent.
But just where Scalacs is interested in setting up a plant is very much up in the air.
“At this moment in time, it’s [somewhere] in the district,” Gillon said. “It’s a chance for an entrepreneur to run with it.”
How many investment dollars are needed to get a plant going here would vary depending on how big of a plant local investors want to build, he added.
But Gillon said the amount needed to start up the business would be fairly “reasonable,” especially since Scalacs is willing to put up some of the money itself.
“They’re not just up here selling machinery,” he stressed. “They’re willing to invest in the company.
“It’s a positive [venture],” he added. “We’re working very hard at it.”
Anyone interested in further details about Scalacs Inc. or its venture here could contact the RRFDC, Gillon said.