Digital cable still on line for early next year

As work on rebuilding the system at Shaw Cable here is wrapping up, subscribers can look forward to having digital cable service early next year.
“We’re in the process of getting the programming lined up, and then file that with the CRTC,” said David Inglis, Shaw’s regional system manager.
“You need to get that to them 60 days in advance so we’re looking at the first quarter,” he added. “We plan to firm up the date soon. We’re quite happy we’re still on schedule.”
Local cable subscribers probably noticed periods of disrupted service, such as this past Monday, when the cable was out for most of the day—something Inglis said was “very likely” caused by the installation of the digital system.
“Rather than putting out [ads] alerting customers of it, we usually just pop an amplifier out and put one right back in, causing a temporary lack of service,” he explained.
“We apologize for that. But other than that, we aren’t aware of any system problems that might have caused the service to go out,” Inglis added.
Digital cable will provide viewers with a wider selection of channels—purchased in packages like they are with the current service— that are similar to those available through a Canadian satellite dish subscriber.
To get digital service, the customer must purchase or rent a digital cable terminal, a box which sits on top the television and receives the signals.
“We haven’t sorted out the prices for next year yet but it should be close to what you pay now for your cable,” said Inglis. “But typically, we have a launch special.
“People will know when we’re ready. It’s heavily promoted.”