Delegates off to AMO conference

Keeping their fingers crossed the trip will be as productive as planned despite yesterday’s massive power outage in southern Ontario, Mayor Glenn Witherspoon, Coun. Deane Cunningham, and CAO Bill Naturkach are heading to Toronto tomorrow for the annual general meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario.
Naturkach said this morning the agenda looks to be jammedpacked, with a Northern Ontario Municipal Association meeting Sunday to discuss what northern issues delegates should focus on during the AMO conference, which will run Monday through Wednesday.
“The AMO conference is similar to NOMA [which was held here this past spring] times 100,” he noted. “There’s over 400 communities in the province represented, ranging from large to small.
“There’s a formal agenda, of course, but we’ll also have time to discuss issues with various politicians,” Naturkach added, noting he’s spent his entire morning today trying to confirm whether previously- arranged meetings with dignitaries are still possible in the aftermath of Toronto’s power crisis.
But if everything does go to plan, the various ministries to be met with include the Ministry of Finance (regarding public land transfer), the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (Rainycrest/ hospital expansion), Ministry of Public Safety and Security (youth remand centre/policing costs), Ministry of Transportation (road repair funding), and the Ministry of Transportation and Ontario Realty Corp. (the proposed new Ontario Tourism Centre here).
The trio will report to council on their trip at the Aug. 25 meeting.