Deadline for Tory memberships tomorrow

Anyone who wants to vote in the upcoming Ontario P.C. leadership race has to have purchased or renewed their party membership by Saturday at 6 p.m.
“It’s unbelievable the number of people who’ve bought memberships,” said Glenn Witherspoon, president of the local Ontario P.C. riding association, who also is considering running for the Tories here in the next election.
Witherspoon said this leadership race, which has seen all five candidates visit Fort Frances, has boosted the number of card-carrying Tories in the area.
“Memberships in other years have been between 100 and 275 or 290,” he noted. “Members so far exceed 400.”
One of the reasons for the bump in membership is that each riding in the province will have the same weight in electing the new leader next month.
“That makes it very level. We all have 100 points. Hamilton has 100 votes, Mississauga has 100 votes, and we [Kenora-Rainy River] have 100 votes.
“We’re just as important as everyone else,” Witherspoon explained.
The other major factor is that this race isn’t just about electing a party leader, it will decide the next premier.
“Mike Harris’ replacement is very important for all of us,” Witherspoon said.
Anyone interested in purchasing a party membership, which costs $10, can contact Witherspoon before Saturday’s deadline.