Deadline for council hopefuls is tomorrow

With the deadline for candidates to file their nomination papers to run in the Jan. 14 byelection for town council coming up tomorrow (Nov. 30), only two have put their names forth so far—Todd Hamilton and Ken Perry.
Perry finished seventh in last November’s municipal election while Hamilton, a former councillor, was eighth.
Prospective candidates have until 5 p.m. tomorrow to file their nomination papers at the Civic Centre, and then until Monday at 5 p.m. to withdraw should they so choose.
There is a $100 fee to file nomination papers.
The term of office is the remainder of the four-year term of the current council, which ends Nov. 30, 2010.
The byelection is being held to fill the vacancy left by Tannis Drysdale, who resigned from council back in September.
As previously reported, mail-in ballots will be used. A voter kit will be mailed to each elector the week of Dec. 17-21 using information on record.
If, at that time, an eligible voter will be receiving their mail at an address other than their local mailing one, they are asked to notify the town of the alternative address.
All electors also are encouraged to ensure their information on record with the town is accurate as to name, qualifying address, mailing address, etc. before noon on Friday, Dec. 7.
They are encouraged to visit the Civic Centre, Fort Frances Public Library, or Memorial Sports Centre to look up their voter information, and, if changes are necessary, contact the town as soon as possible.
The town currently is making arrangements to allow voters to check if they are included on the list by visiting the town’s website at