‘Day of Pink’ returns to district

Press Release

This year, the International Day of Pink will take place Wednesday, April 11 across Rainy River District.
On this day, communities can come together to celebrate diversity and work towards ending all forms of bullying and discriminatory behaviour.
This is an opportunity for citizens of all ages to take a positive stand against this negative behaviour that is responsible for ruining so many lives in our communities.
The International Day of Pink originated in Nova Scotia when two straight high school students supported a gay student who was being bullied for wearing a pink shirt.
The two students decided to wear pink shirts themselves, and were able to convince the rest of the school to join them and wear pink to school several days later.
A giant step was taken in the fight against homophobic bullying—and a movement was born.
The second Wednesday in April each year has become the day for wearing pink to express solidarity in the battle against all forms of bullying.
Starting with each individual and spreading to an international scale, a statement is made that bullying is unacceptable and we must celebrate diversity.
If you haven’t been a victim of bullying yourself, you certainly have seen friends and loved ones suffer from discrimination. The results of this negative behaviour can range from mild depression to severe depression and suicidal tendencies.
We all have seen our communities left grief-stricken as a result of someone whose life became intolerable.
Do you need a better reason to wear pink on April 11?
There will be many opportunities for involvement in “Day of Pink” activities in your community.
For instance, Grade 6-12 students from the Rainy River District School Board, the Northwest Catholic District School Board, Seven Generations Educational Institute School, Lac La Croix School, and Big Grassy School attended Rachel’s Challenge presentations across the district.
“For Rachel” clubs were formed in schools to help students address risk factors.
Building on many successful “Day of Pink” activities in the schools last year, and as a follow-up to the multi-media presentations, “For Rachel” clubs in the schools will be leading the way this year.
Students can tap into these activities to throw their weight behind the “Day of Pink” initiative.
Also next Wednesday, the local United Native Friendship Centre will hold an open house at the Circle of Life building on Mowat Avenue to celebrate “Day of Pink.”
This is just a small offering of what is happening on April 11 across our district.
For more information on “Day of Pink” and related activities, visit www.dayofpink.org
Ideas for how your group or organization can celebrate the “Day of Pink,” as well as free resources, are available here.
“Day of Pink” received huge support last year here in Rainy River District. And all the signs are there that this year’s event will be celebrated on an even larger scale.
Step up and wear pink as we strive to celebrate diversity and stop the bullying!