Day camp aimed at diabetes education

In an effort to keep educating the public about diabetes, and how to cope with it, the Valley Diabetes Education Centre will hold a day camp for adults Sept. 8 at Sunny Cove.
“We’re looking for a relaxing getaway day for those with diabetes,” said diabetes educator Sarah Ross.
“They’ve had it in the past, when it was two or three days long, but that hasn’t been for a while,” she added, noting this is her first after being here for 18 months.
The day camp, which runs from 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m., will feature motivational speaker Glen Jourdain. “He will share his personal success story managing Type II diabetes,” noted Ross.
The day camp also will include outdoor activities, such as a nature hike, horseshoes, and volleyball.
“Basically, it’s up to them what they want to do,” said Ross, noting there also would be crafts for those wanting an activity requiring a little less energy.
There also will be a Tai Chi class led by Margaret Gartshore of Dryden.
“I haven’t seen any articles about Tai Chi and diabetes but, in general, it enhances balance and body awareness through slow, graceful movements,” explained Ross.
“It reduces the risk of falls, lowers blood pressure, and give a sense of overall well-being,” she added.
Gartshore, who also teaches three Tai Chi classes at the Memorial Sports Centre to seniors and others, was brought here thanks to public health nurse Dorothy Poperechny and Laurie Bazinet, manager of ambulatory services at La Verendrye hospital.
The day camp also will include door prizes, a snack, and a barbecue lunch specially suited to those with diabetes.
Cost is $10 per person, with tickets available at the diabetes centre (located at 440 Front St.) Maximum seating is 75 people.
“I’d like to firm up the numbers by the end of month because we are having the barbecue and want to plan for that,” said Ross. “We’d be happy to see lots of people come out.
“Wear appropriate clothing because it goes, rain or shine.”
If you need transportation to Sunny Cove, contact the centre at 274-4828.