My name is David Kircher and I am running for re-election to the Rainy River District School Board.
I bring several strengths to the table. I am inquisitive by nature and therefore ask questions and seek answers from multiple sources in order to reach a consensus for a solution to a problem.
I value good communication skills from others and strive to articulate my thoughts and opinions to others in a concise and thoughtful way.
I have enjoyed the past eight years as a tustee on the Rainy River District School Board and if re-elected, I will be fully committed to serving for the next four years.
If elected, I would represent the voters of my community as their trustee on the Rainy River District School Board. The board represents the voters within the district with the mandate to focus its resources on providing their children, the board’s students, with quality programming in a safe and inclusive environment.
As far the most important issues facing our school board right now, the transition to the new provincial government is presenting some challenges in terms of unknown funding levels for both operations and capital projects.
I feel good communication throughout the system is essential.