Dance lessons being offered

Bryce Forbes

With the help of the Northwest Business Centre, a local student is one step closer to her dream of opening a dance studio.
Brittainy Spence, a student at the School of Contemporary Dancers in Winnipeg, is offering dance lessons through Energy Fitness here as a summer job.
“I go to a professional dance school in Winnipeg and I would like to open my own studio one day,” Spence noted.
“So I figured as a summer job, I might as well try to do a dance intensive,” she reasoned.
Throughout the summer, Spence will be offering two- to three-week dance incentives that people can register for at Energy Fitness.
“I just hope to strengthen technique in the dance community here and have fun with them,” she enthused.
“There are lots of camps for other sports, but there is nothing for dance,” she noted.
“I danced in Fort for 10 years and it was really frustrating.”
Spence has some previous experience teaching dance here, as well as learning how to teach at school.
The Northwest Business Centre helped Spence come up with funding for the program after she proposed the idea.
Registration for the dance intensive opened yesterday, with Spence saying she had a good response from the public.
It will continue tonight (June 22) from 5-7 p.m. at Energy Fitness.
If you can’t make it this evening, contact Spence at 1-204-918-0639 for more information.