DAN BELLUZ (2014 election)

I have been a long-time resident of Fort Frances. My wife and I have been married for 49 years.
Together we have two daughters: Patricia Belluz-Cates, her husband, Doug Cates, and granddaughter, Reece, reside in Thunder Bay while Christina Belluz resides in Fort Frances.
I have been retired from Canada Safeway for the past eight years.
As a trustee of the local public school board for 25-plus years, I have acquired a wealth of experience in finance, negotiations with union groups, human resources, plant, building, and especially budgets, to name a few.
Having sat on almost every one of the town volunteer committees, including Planning, Committee of Adjustment, as well as Traffic Safety, for more than 35 years, I have gained huge insight as to the problems facing this town.
With this experience, I believe I can contribute substantially as a member of town council.
Regarding the issue of our local paper mill, I strongly believe the wood supply (i.e. Crossroute Forest) should accompany this mill in the event of it being sold.
As a member of town council, I would recommend a joint effort with all communities and First Nations in the Rainy River District in petitioning our provincial and federal governments with our concerns.
A paper mill without wood is worthless and therefore stagnates economic development.
It is a known fact that Manitou Lumber, as well as the Barwick OSB mill, are in need of additional wood supply. If Resolute is left to have control over our forests, that gives them control of our destiny.
What is the benefit of that? Squat. An idle mill equals decreased assessment, unemployment, and huge opportunity to reap the benefits of generating power.
I believe in a zero-based budget. For example, we should list all the expenditures the town must provide with costing, then look at all remaining budget lines and determine if we, as a council, are able to cut costs, raise taxes, cut services, or a combination of all three, which I would prefer.
Also, as a councillor, I believe that perhaps we should focus our abilities, as well as make every effort, to assist any local developments get established. If this means tax incentives or “cutting red tape,” we must try.
Do we have enough industrial lots available? Do we have planned areas for future housing lot development? To spur economic development, we, as a town, have to be prepared and ready with such a plan.
In closing, I promise to work tirelessly to promote this beautiful community we call home, and make it as successful as we can be. Expect nothing less.
I am looking forward to your support. Thank you in advance.