Daffodils are a sign of hope

Press Release

Beta Sigma Phi once again asks for your support!
Do you know how to make a difference in the fight against cancer? For many of us, this is not an abstract question but one dear to our hearts because of personal tragedies.
Here’s how to help. Your purchase of a bunch of daffodils will ensure that the Canadian Cancer Society continues to fund research to fight cancer.
This simple purchase could lead to the survival of loved ones we might otherwise lose to the ravages of this disease.
Since “Daffodil Days” began, we have seen the results of research. Close to 60 percent of cancer patients now survive compared to just 33 percent in the 1960s.
Since two in five Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime, this means someone close to you will now survive because you care enough to gift a friend with daffodils.
This simple gift also might motivate them to have a cancer check-up.
The Canadian Cancer Society works for you in many ways. For instance, its Cancer Information Service (1-888-939-3333 or on the Internet at www.cancer.ca) will connect you to many useful services.
Beta Sigma Phi invites you to join in their effort to defeat cancer by buying daffodils.
Businesses around town have sheets available for you to order daffodils. You then pick them up at that business on delivery day.
The cost is $7 for a bunch, or two bunches for $12—all of which goes to the Canadian Cancer Society.
We also invite businesses to pre-purchase daffodils to decorate their workplaces, or give to staff or customers.
Daffodils also can be purchased that day in the basement of Knox United Church or selected locations.
Help make cancer history. Support the efforts of Beta Sigma Phi by buying daffodils on Friday, April 3.