Cutting stroke risk can be fun

Press Release

With February being Heart and Stroke Month, the Memorial Sports Centre and the Stroke Prevention Clinic are joining together to offer a fun approach to lowering your stroke risk factors.
For the month of February, the Memorial Sports Centre is offering free day passes to be used in the month of February for anyone who contacts the stroke prevention clinic.
“We have extended the Stroke Prevention Clinic hours for the month of February to accommodate everyone better,” noted Marilyn Erwin, R.N., Stroke Prevention.
“We will be available evenings [and] weekends, or we can come to you in your home or to your favourite coffee spot with your friends,” she added.
We all know that being active plays a large part in increasing good health, but the word “exercise” sounds like such a chore and where do you start, anyway?
If you have a group of friends who meet for coffee and any one amongst them has had a stroke or heart attack, or if you have a friend who’s coping with some of the health issues that come with aging or retirement, or perhaps you have a just picked up your first prescription for blood pressure pills, then the Stroke Prevention Clinic may be able to help you.
“There will be no lengthy health history involved, but a short risk factor assessment taken [roughly six minutes per person] and a record of your blood pressure will be yours to take home along with a free day pass to the sportsplex,” Erwin noted.
Take this opportunity to learn how to lower your stroke risks and enjoy a fun day at the sportsplex enjoying activities like squash, swimming, having a sauna, weightlifting, and the beginning of a healthier you.
For more information, call Erwin at the Stroke Prevention Clinic (274-3261 ext. 4542).