‘Culturama’ serves up on-stage diversity

Memorial Sports Centre was alive with the sights and sounds of other lands Saturday as “Culturama” once again was another hit after being resurrected last year.
“Well, we were happy with it,” said Sig Mosley of the Rainy Lake Multicultural Association, who co-organized the one-day event with Linda Rajala, Bev Kotnik, and Ron Bernardi.
“We were hoping for a little more people to come but we weren’t expecting as many to come out on the long weekend,” she admitted, referring to the fact “Culturama” was held one week before July 1 last year.
Besides the Fort Frances Highlanders, who performed a one-hour set featuring a few dance numbers by Fort Dance Studio, the association chose to schedule acts that were different from those here last year.
These included the Slovenian dance ensemble, “Triglau,” “Licanantay,” a group of South American musicians, the Ukrainian dance troupe, “Rozmai,” Irish group “Ard-Ri,” and Filipino dancer, “Kariligan.”
“We had very nice comments on the entertainment,” noted Mosley, who said her favourite act was “Licanantay.”
“They were here a few years ago. I think they’ve gotten better,” she added.
As for the kids’ activities, African drummer Jay Stoller gave youngsters some percussion tips while medieval jester, “Squire Lawrie,” who also made an appearance in the Canada Day parade, kept them spellbound with his magic tricks.
And as always, international eats were available for spectators.
This year’s menu included Scandinavian cookies and coffee, Scottish trifle, borsht, rye bread and perogies, Chinese food from Lee Garden, and Arroma Pizza.