‘Critter Sitters’ sets up here

Duane Hicks

Need someone to check in on your dog or cat while you’re gone?
Can’t make it home to give your pet its medication?
Fort Frances Critter Sitters is here to help.
Sarah Mallory, who has been a professional pet-care provider for the past three years in Thunder Bay, now is offering her services in the Fort Frances area.
The Fort Frances native, who first moved to Thunder Bay in 2009 for her post-secondary education, moved back here this month.
Mallory originally took up pet-sitting to help pay for school—an experience which helped her discover her how much she loves being around and caring for animals.
She cared for more than 400 while in Thunder Bay.
This summer, she sold her pet-sitting business in Thunder Bay and moved back here with her fiancé.
“I am excited to be back in Fort Frances, and I look forward to starting new client relationships with members of my beloved hometown and the surrounding area,” enthused Mallory.
“The reception from the public has been overwhelmingly supportive,” she added.
“I’ve been contacted by several local pet owners,” Mallory said. “I believe once the word gets out to more, I’ll be very busy.
“I’m excited as I start my first local booking this weekend.”
Mallory’s services range from a regular visit, which could include feeding, medication, emptying a litter box, bathroom breaks, watering plants, and bringing in the mail to doing overnight stays with pets.
Another service is pet taxiing (transporting a pet from the vet, groomer, or kennel) while yet another is dog walking.
Mallory also can set up a “PetCube”—a camera that allows you to monitor and interact with your pets while you are away via your smartphone.
She will take care of all types of pets, citing dogs, cats, rodents, lizards, turtles, and fish as examples.
“I haven’t refused any types of animals yet, including farm animals,” said Mallory.
“I do, however, refuse service if any specific animal is aggressive towards me,” she stressed.
“This is just to ensure my own safety.”
Mallory noted the most unusual pet that she’s cared for would be rats.
“It wasn’t the fact that it was ‘rats’ that made it unusual, but they had both cat and rats,” Mallory explained.
“It was the worst possible combination of pets as the cats really wanted to eat those rats,” she noted.
“Luckily, the rats were safely kept in a cat-proof enclosure.”
Mallory plans to operate mainly within Fort Frances town limits and on Couchiching, but will offer her services within a 30-minute drive of town at an additional cost.
Mallory has taken a course in pet first-aid and CPR.
“This training has made me comfortable with providing care for senior, disabled, and sick animals as it prepared me to administer a variety of medications, such as needles, pills, ear/eye drops, etc.,” she noted.
“Ever since I received this training, providing medication for animals has become a part of my regular routine.”
Mallory said she wants her clients to be comfortable dealing with her and letting her into their homes, so she keeps her criminal record check up to date.
She also has cared for animals for many years prior to starting her pet care businesses.
In addition to the pets she takes care of, Mallory has three cats—Oreo, Gizmo, and Picatso—and a house-broken rabbit, Nibbler.
To find out more about Fort Frances Critter Sitters, including pricing, visit “Fort Frances Critter Sitters” on Facebook.
You also can call Mallory at 285-3535 or e-mail her at FortCritterSitters@outlook.com