Crime Stoppers adopted by Safeway

After looking over a crop of 10 applicants, staff at the Canada Safeway here chose Fort Frances Crime Stoppers as their charity for 2004-05 on Wednesday.
“It should be an interesting year ahead,” said Safeway employee Vilma Valenzuela, who heads up fundraising for the local store.
“We now have to meet with [Fort Frances OPP Cst.] Caroline Spencer of Crime Stoppers and see where we go from here,” she added.
Valenzuela said the proposal from Crime Stoppers stated funds raised through the partnership with Safeway would be used to purchase playground equipment for local parks.
The local Crime Stoppers board has expressed concerns that the town, in an effort to become compliant with the Canadian Standards Association’s “Children’s Playspaces and Equipment Standard,” removed all equipment from the Phair Avenue park back in July.
The Front Street, Lillie Avenue, and Pither’s Point parks also had some of their playground equipment removed over the summer.
Cst. Spencer, a member of the local Crime Stoppers board, previously has said that in neighbourhoods where there are no parks, children end up playing in the streets.
Restoring parks where children can play will reduce unsafe behaviour.
Valenzuela noted Crime Stoppers drew a significant share of votes from staff, who had the chance to look over and then vote on the 10 applicants over this past weekend and earlier this week.
Ballots were tallied up yesterday.
Friday was the deadline for non-profit organizations to apply to be Safeway’s charity of the year. The deadline to get information on the store’s choice to head office was today.
Valenzuela said she was looking forward to the new partnership and noted fundraising for the selected charity will start as early as next month, with dress-down and “top up” days in the works as well as raffles.
Since first adopting charities in 1998, local Safeway employees have helped raise money for the Riverside Foundation for Health Care, Friends of the Library, Fort Frances Friends of Animals, the “Community Chest,” and the Kiwanis skate park.