Couple sets up shop for the bass derby

Richard and Solly Garbowski have more than one reason to be excited about this week’s Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship.
Not only does the Devlin couple love fishing, they also are going to be responsible for the sale of souvenirs during the event.
“This is the first year we have been involved in this type of venture,” said Richard Garbowski, owner of Richard’s Rod and Reel Service. “We put in our bid to the committee and they took us up on it.
“They have a great deal of confidence in us and felt that we would be responsible in the sale of these items,” he added.
Having signed an agreement to be the official souvenir vendors for the next three years, the Garbowskis already are planning for next year’s tournament.
“We really found out on short notice that we would be selling this year,” Garbowski admitted. “We really did not have a great deal of time to get ready, so some of the items we wanted to have available we will not be able to sell.
“Next year we are going to have a number of new items,” he pledged.
“One of the items we had wanted to have this year, but were unable, are bass tournament bumper stickers. Next year we will have those as well as a number of other things.”
From a trailer set up at the Sorting Gap Marina, the Garbowskis will be selling a wide selection of FFCBC memorabilia.
“Among the things we will be selling will be T-shirts, hats, mugs, sweatshirts, back packs, and CD holders,” Garbowski said. “Though I am not sure what hours we are going to be open, I think it will be from early afternoon to about 7 p.m. throughout the week.”
“Of course, we are hoping to sell quite a few things,” he added. “More than that, however, we are looking to get some feedback from people about what they like and don’t like.
“Finding that out, we will be better prepared next year for the tournament,” he stressed.