Council to vote on skate park agreement

While the Kiwanis skate park was completed last fall and has seen plenty of use by local youth ever since, a substantial bill for the work remains outstanding.
As such, the Kiwanis skate park committee and the Town of For Frances have been talking over several months to come up with a financing agreement whereby the town could help the Kiwanis out—a proposed agreement which council will vote on at this evening’s meeting.
“There’s some contractors that remain unpaid, and it’s gotten to a serious point,” said CAO Mark McCaig. “Something had to be done in regards to it. So we’ve struck a sort of coalition with them, to work together and help them with the fundraising.
“Basically, there’s $107,000 outstanding owing to contractors for the skate park equipment and all the other associated work done. The town will pay those contractors off, and the Kiwanis and the skate park committee will commit to working to fund raise for a period of time—at least until a minimum of half that amount is raised,” he added.
McCaig noted this agreement still has to be voted on by council this evening.
Representatives of the Kiwanis and the skate park committee are expected to be in attendance at this meeting.
Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 7:20 p.m. It will be preceded by the committee of the whole, which will meet in-camera from 5:30-6:15, after which time, it will be open to the public in Council Chambers.
Other business at tonight’s council meeting will include:
•a report on the “Great Canadian Main Street” initiative of the Downtown Core Committee;
•Tender No. 06-CS-05 (additions and renovations at the Fort Frances Museum);
•Tender No. 06-OF-02 (three year supply and delivery of granular materials);
•an airport facility lot lease agreement;
•a standard operating procedure for off loading soda ash at the water treatment plant;
•a request for reconsideration of minutes of settlement for King’s Highway River Range East Part Lot 46, Parcel 10668;
•a request from the Police Services Board for support of their resolution regarding OPP police auction proceeds;
•a request from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario for support of AMO’s position on improving the efficiency of the “blue box”; and
•a bylaw to authorize the execution of a renewal lease agreement with Ontario Realty Corp. for space in the Civic Centre for OPP services.