Council to vote on purchase of Sunny Cove Camp


Town council will vote tonight on a bylaw to authorize the purchase of Sunny Cove Camp.
As reported last week, the local Kiwanis Club is proposing to sell its Sunny Cove Camp to the Town of Fort Frances for $1, with the intent being for the town to preserve and maintain the camp for the use of district residents.
Under the agreement of sale, the name of the camp will stay “Kiwanis Sunny Cove Camp,” and three Kiwanians will sit on a Kiwanis Sunny Cove Camp Advisory Committee and work with the town to provide input and ensure the present usage will be maintained to certain camp users.
The town will adopt the current booking schedule as priority users based on historical bookings, and will maintain the primary use of the property as a camp for youth of the district, with the understanding that others uses of benefit to youth, families, and the public are encouraged, as well.
If the town ever chooses to divest itself of the operation and ownership of the property, it then will turn it over to an organization that, as closely as possible, parallels the original intent and vision of Kiwanis Sunny Cove Camp—not to a private entity to make a profit.
The Kiwanis cited a declining membership as the main reason for being unable to operate the camp any longer.
The proposed agreement was explained to the public at an open house last Tuesday evening.
Tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 7:25 p.m. The committee of the whole will meet first at 5:30 p.m., but be in-camera until 6:40 p.m.
Other items on the agenda include:
•a CUPE 65 grievance (in-camera);
•museum services review (in-camera);
•a letter of understanding (in-camera);
•a report on Ministry of Natural Resources “BearWise” special funding projects;
•a letter from the BIA regarding the watering of downtown hanging basket flowers;
•a report on the adoption of minimum standards for municipal highways;
•a report on the removal of snow rows;
•a report on a 2010 budget request from the BIA regarding the replacement of street light poles;
•a report regarding a request from the BIA to install six banner pole foundations;
•a report regarding a request from John. P. Hogan regarding the placement of shrubs at 6 Armstrong Pl.;
•a report regarding a request from resident Doug Jensen regarding the private crossing located between 559 and 561 Church St.;
•a report regarding an adjustment to aviation fuel pump prices at the Fort Frances Airport;
•a revised cell phone policy;
•a report on joint and several liability reform;
•a report on the town’s insurance renewal;
•verbal updates from Community Services manager George Bell and Operations and Facilities manager Doug Brown on local projects;
•an update on Local Government Week (Oct. 18-24);
•a public meeting regarding applications for tax adjustment at 1107 Second St. E.;
•a presentation from OPP Cst. Anne McCoy on the Safe Communities Rainy River District’s McIrvine Road/King’s Highway Corridor pilot project;
•a break-open ticket licence application from the Rainycrest Auxiliary at the 364 Store from Nov. 1, 2009 to April 30, 2010;
•a request from the Zaagi-idiwin Aboriginal Head Start Program for a loading zone in front of 308 Butler Ave.;
•a bylaw to amend By-Law 10/03 (the traffic control bylaw) to implement parking restrictions on Victoria Avenue and Nelson Street; and
•a bylaw to authorize into an agreement with Bell Canada granting an easement over certain municipal land.