Council to vote on name change


Town council will vote tonight on a recommendation to take no further action when it comes to changing the name of Colonization Road here.
Back in late June, council received a letter from local resident Dawson Mihichuk requesting the town rename Colonization Road as he feels the term “celebrates a dark aspect of our history.”
In his letter to council, which was accompanied by a list of nearly 200 individuals who signed his petition posted on, Mihichuk stressed renaming both Colonization Road East and West here would “let the world know that Fort Frances is looking to the future and is fostering positive relationships with our indigenous residents.”
At that time, council referred the matter to the Planning and Development executive committee for its recommendation, with input from the Operations and Facilities executive committee.
The Planning and Development division researched the request and determined that 137 properties, including 132 residential ones and five primary business addresses, would be affected by a name change.
In a report from municipal planner and Chief Building Official Tyson Dennis, he indicated “personal time” would be the only cost for most individual property owners to get their personal identification, memberships, and mailing address information changed.
“To determine a cost for individuals to change personal information is very difficult as it is more of a time loss than a fee being paid for changes,” he noted.
“What is an individual’s time worth?”
On a commercial or business property, there could be fees associated with business name registration and address, which only could be determined on a case by case scenario, added Dennis.
Meanwhile, a report from the Operations and Facilities executive committee indicated it would cost the town an estimated $2,669.51 ($1,273.96 for new signage and $1,395.55 for labour) to replace six standard green street name signs and seven blue “La Verendrye Parkway”-style signs.
In addition to the cost for changing of the signage, it would cost staff time to re-label all of the property files and road construction plans currently in the Operations and Facilities office, as well as the GIS asset database.
The Operations and Facilities division also operates two facilities addressed “Colonization Road” and, while there is no signage requiring changing on these facilities, there would be additional staff time to change this information on any billings, insurance, and so on.
After reviewing the request, including having a meeting last week during which Mihichuk and Colonization Road West resident Kevin Stewart spoke with the Planning and Development executive committee, it has recommended no further action be taken.
Also at tonight’s meeting, more community members will be presented with “Canada 150” volunteer pins.
These presentations are slated to start at 7 p.m.
The committee of the whole will meet first at 5:30 p.m., but will go in-camera for an indefinite length of time to discuss one item (tenure reform).
Other business on tonight’s agenda includes:
•a presentation from the Ontario Clean Water Agency on the town’s wastewater treatment plant;
•a recommendation to all town division managers to affect a 1.5 percent user fee increase to their respective 2018 user fee schedules;
•a letter from Sarah Marusyk, youth representative on the Sunset Country Métis Community Council, re: a proclamation and flag-raising in recognition of Louis Riel Day on Nov. 16;
•a letter from Ray Watson, president of Royal Canadian Legion Br. #29, re: a proclamation of Nov. 4-11 as “Poppy Week” in the Town of Fort Frances;
•a letter from Aaron Petrin, the new franchise owner H&R Block Fort Frances, re: a request for private parking space rental;
•a bylaw to licence and regulate the keeping of animals, and the registration of dogs and cats, within the municipality;
•a letter from Robert Schulz, president of Friends of the Fort Frances Museum, re: an invitation to attend “Novemberfest” on Nov. 2 at the museum;
•a report re: the skate park graffiti management plan; and
•a verbal update on capital projects.