Council seeking new name suggestions

The debate is over, and votes are cast – Colonization Road East and West are getting new names. A 30-day process has begun, during which community members are asked to submit name suggestions. Council will choose five to be presented in a public meeting on April 26. If you have a name you’d like to be considered, or would like to attend the public meeting, you must go through the formal process. It’s outlined in the Town’s ad, located on the bottom of Page 5.

Community name suggestions

Social media has been active with community members suggesting new names for Colonization Roads East and West. We’ve collected up the ones we’ve found so far, for inspiration. Remember, to have your suggestion count, it needs to be submitted to the Town through the formal process outlined in the ad on page 5

Hope Road

Bayview Road

Moonlight Drive

Eagle Road

Boundless Road

West Road and East Road

Reconciliation Road

Railroad East and West

Progress Road

Heritage Drive

Peace Road

Pride Road

Sunset Lane/Drive

Boise Road and Mando Road

Rainy Lake Boulevard

Hallett Way

Country Road

Evolving Road

Yonge Street

Lady Louise Drive

Lady Frances Drive

Olde Trail Road

Unity Road

Harmony Drive

Voyageur Drive

Tommy Price Road/Drive

Gojiji-zaaga’igan Drive/Road

West End Lane

Logging Road

Anishinaabe Way

Roady McRoad-face

Borderland Drive


Freedom Road

Calder Drive

June Caul Road

Fort West Drive

Manijiwin Road

Juniper Street