Council passes revised schedule of marina fees

While this year’s municipal budget hasn’t been passed yet, town council did approve the 2005 fee schedule for the Sorting Gap Marina at its regular meeting Monday night.
This was done prior to the budget being passed so that the Community Services division could begin the renewal notification process for those who rent docking slips at the marina.
The only changes to the fee schedule from last year is the increase in the cost of weekly and monthly rentals.
The weekly rental for residents rose from $30 to $40 while the weekly rate for non-residents jumped from $36 to $47.
Meanwhile, the monthly rate went up from $90 to $150 for residents and $108 to $175 for non-residents.
The other rates will remain the same as last year:
•Sorting Gap slip rental—$430/season (residents), $500 (non-residents);
•Riverfront slip rental—$302/season (residents), $350 (non-residents);
•daily launch fee—$6 (residents), $7 (non-residents);
•seasonal launch fee—$45 (residents), $55 (non-residents); and
•commercial launch fees—$150 (residents), $165 (non-residents).
Also at Monday night’s meeting, council authorized a revised student wage fee schedule. This shows an increase in student wages for town summer jobs in the amount of $0.60 this year, $0.30 in 2006, and $0.25 in 2007.
The base wage varies from job-to-job.
As well, council:
•authorized an application to the Cultural Spaces Canada Program for one-third funding to renovate the Fort Frances Museum;
•awarded the 2005 sanitary sewer, watermain, and sidewalk rehabilitation work to Bay City Contractors at a cost of $931,609.10;
•referred a financial request from the local Business Improvement Association for Scott Street’s 100th birthday party coming up June 18 to the Administration and Finance executive committee for recommendation;
•passed a resolution formally expressing “deep disappointment” in the proposed reduction in Grey Goose bus service between Thunder Bay and Winnipeg;
•approved the attendance of Treasurer Peggy Dupuis and treasury assistant Laurie Witherspoon at the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers Zone 9 spring meeting, and Dupuis at the Northwestern Ontario Municipal Association annual general meeting;
•received correspondence from the County of Oxford regarding the twinning of Ontario municipalities with communities in South Asia devastated by the Dec. 26 tsunamis;
•accepted the February, 2005 drinking water systems monthly summary report; and
•received correspondence from the Municipality of West Nipissing regarding underfunding of hospitals by the province.