Council opts to keep executive committees

The town’s executive committee structure will remain status quo although council may end up meeting on a separate night than the committee of the whole in future.
Council passed a resolution Monday night that “the governance structure of the Town of Fort Frances be maintained with executive committees representing the four divisions.”
“Tying into the discussion at the last meeting of council, I didn’t hear anything coming from members of council supporting doing away with the original system,” said Clerk Glenn Treftlin, who suggested the motion.
“What I did hear was some proposals to reschedule council meetings and that sort of thing,” he added. “Right now, I have a member of council wanting to submit a proposal on rescheduling meeting.
“In my mind, we’re not there yet. We should address the executive committees first,” Treftlin stressed.
Council voted in favour of keeping the current structure, but Mayor Dan Onichuk noted this did not mean the possibility of rescheduling would not be discussed at a future council meeting.
At the March 28 council meeting, Coun. Wiedenhoeft revealed an idea that would see a three-week meeting cycle in place.
During the first week, all four of the executive committees would meet either on one day (perhaps a Monday) or on several days throughout that week.
The next week, the committee of the whole would meet and go over what had been discussed at the various executive committee meetings. And then council would meet on Monday evening (as it does now) during the third week.
This then would repeat itself on a three-week cycle.
The purpose of this would be for all councillors to get as much information as possible regarding items that come before the executive committees, and in turn, the committee of the whole and council.
The possibility of whether to do away with the executive committees first was brought up by Mayor Onichuk at a meeting in January.