Council likely to trim board terms

Duane Hicks

Town council will vote on a pair of bylaws tonight to change how long individuals may serve on boards and committees following this fall’s municipal election.
Council will vote on a bylaw to reduce the term of appointments to town advisory committees from four years to two years.
Also up for vote is a bylaw to change the maximum tenure of office of appointments by council to advisory boards and committees from nine consecutive years to eight consecutive years.
The terms of those citizens currently sitting on various town boards and committees officially end Nov. 30, after which time the newly-elected council will make appointments to those same boards and committees.
Town clerk Glenn Treftlin said Friday that it’s important for council to vote on the relevant bylaws now so he can begin advertising for new appointments to the various town boards and committees with the changes to the maximum tenure and length of term in place (if the bylaws are passed tonight).
Treftlin noted this advertising must be done far in advance of the fall election so applicants are in place when the new council comes in.
Those interested in applying to be on such boards and committees should keep an eye open in the near future.
The issues of maximum tenure and shortened terms had been discussed by council back in
January and February, at which time council agreed the lesser commitment of two-year terms might get more people to participate on town boards and committees.
The public portion of tonight’s council meeting is scheduled to start at 5:55 p.m.
A public meeting regarding a zoning bylaw amendment re: 420 Mowat Ave. is scheduled to start at 6:45 p.m.
Other business at tonight’s meeting will include:
•the extension of an existing agreement with Engineering Northwest Ltd.;
•a temporary use bylaw for a community garden here;
•a zoning amendment for 990 Scott St. (Community Living Fort Frances and District);
•a request to support resolutions of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers;
•a purchase card expense for Mayor Roy Avis;
•a report on the sign bylaw;
•a verbal update on Operations and Facilities division activities;
•a public hearing to consider applications for tax adjustment at 533 Scott St., 439 Third St. E., and 907 Crowe Ave.;
•a verbal update from Coun. Rick Wiedenhoeft re: a meeting with International Falls reps regarding the future of the annual cross-border tug-of-war competition;
•a letter from John and Elaine Hogan re: fencing issues;
•a letter from Jane Trivers re: underpass and construction issues;
•a bylaw to approve an agreement with the Ontario Trillium Foundation for the financing of upgrades at Sunny Cove Camp;
•a bylaw to approve a contract awarded to Clara Industrial Services Ltd. for painting and exterior upgrades at the water treatment plant and Sorting Gap Marina; and
•a bylaw to approve a contract awarded to Miller Environmental Corp. for hosting a household hazardous waste collection event here in September.