Council hopes to redevelop Point Park soon


Town council and the four Agency One bands are coming closer to mutually finalizing an agreement regarding Point Park and adjacent park lands.

“Our aim is to begin redeveloping Point Park to be a public park to be enjoyed by residents and tourists as soon as possible,” said Mayor June Caul during last night’s council meeting.

“We will do this with complete partnership–for all involved will have a say in the process through community involvement,” she added.

In early May, town council and Agency One First Nations signed a Joint Declaration of Intent and Friendship, as an expression of goodwill, which set out the First Nations’ and town’s intent to work together for the good of Point Park.

At last night’s meeting, mayor Caul also said the town continues to work hard for a positive outcome at the local mill and has lobbied for wood supply with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF).

She said council met with the Minister John Yakabuski as well as representatives from the MNRF to discuss the new Enhanced Sustainable Forest License (ESFL).

Their conversations pertained to the new ESFL’s repercussions to local wood supply and the need to protect businesses in the district that rely on local wood.

“We’ve asked that the minister ensure that the historic wood supply for the Fort Frances mill be secured for an interested buyer and we do still have companies wanting to purchase and restart our mill but they need wood to be available,” Mayor Caul remarked.

“We’re sure there’s enough wood in the Crossroute-Sapawe Forests to sustain our mill as well as those other mills that are in our district.”

Mayor Caul also congratulated the Seven Generations Education Institute on celebrating the grand opening of its new campus building last Thursday,

“I just want to give a great round of congratulations to all those who were involved in getting that facility up and running, it’s absolutely beautiful,” she enthused.

She said those interested in viewing the facility can take a tour led by staff.

Meanwhile, the Fort Frances Public Library was without a CEO, IT co-ordinator, and their most senior librarian throughout the summer.

But Coun. Andrew Hallikas announced all three positions have been filled and it’s back to its full compliment of staff.

Also at last night’s meeting, council:

  • approved a report re: the purchasing of additional equipment for the new triple combination custom pumber fire truck at a cost of $7,085 which will bring the total net tender cost of the Fire Truck to $608,030.25;
  • approved a Watten Volunteer Fire Department donation request in the amount of $300;
  • approved a report re: the endorsement of the Memorial Sports Centre hosting the Dudley Hewitt Cup between April 28 to May 2, 2020 as requested by the Fort Frances Lakers;
  • approved a bylaw re: the removal of the ‘H’ symbol at 1408 Eighth St. East;
  • approved a bylaw re: an agreement with Infratech Services awarded through a tender process for zoom camera inspection of storm sewers;
  • approved a bylaw re: a site plan agreement with Borderland Hotel o/a Fort Frances Super 8 Motel; and
  • approved a bylaw re: the authorization of a site plan control agreement as a condition of development with United Native Friendship Centre (821 McIrvine Rd.).