Council agrees to help out skate park

Town council voted in favour of a bridge financing agreement with the Kiwanis skate park committee to help them pay off some $107,000 in outstanding fees.
Under the agreement, the town will pay the outstanding invoices to contractors, and the Kiwanis Club and skate park committee will continue fundraising activities until a minimum of half the balance (approximately $54,000) is raised.
While council agreed to the bridge financing, several councillors made it very clear the wanted to see the skate park committee push harder to get donations, particularly through its “Buy A Brick” campaign.
Skate park chair Rob Tovey noted he and the rest of the committee were committed to seeing the fundraising goal met, and are hoping to get other Kiwanians on board to help promote the brick campaign.
One local resident, John Reader, spoke at the meeting expressing concern that if the town helps out the skate park, it’s sending the message that if a local group is “financiallly irresponsible” with a project, the town will bail them out.
But Tovey explained that the skate park committee went ahead with the plans to build the park with the understanding they were close to their fundraising goal, and then experienced some unforeseen costs once work got underway.
Also at last night’s meeting, council:
•awarded Tender No. 06-CS-05 (additions and renovations at the Fort Frances Museum) to Ed Kaun and Sons;
•referred a request from the Police Services Board for support of their resolution regarding OPP police auction proceeds to the Administration and Finance executive committee for recommendation;
•referred a request from the Association of Municipalities of Ontario for support of AMO’s position on improving the efficiency of the “blue box” to the Operations and Facilities executive committee for recommendation; and
•passed a bylaw to authorize the execution of a renewal lease agreement with Ontario Realty Corp. for space in the Civic Centre for OPP services.