Cookie fundraiser still going ahead


A local woman awaiting a second heart transplant and a kidney transplant passed away early Monday morning, but a fundraiser planned for her will go ahead regardless.
A story in last week’s Times about a fundraiser for Samantha (Sam) Pearson, who has been in Ottawa for more than a year receiving medical attention, was met with overwhelming response from the community.
Tess Coish of Tess’ Kitchen received orders for more than 3,000 heart-shaped cookies in the past week–and plans to continue with the campaign.
Coish, who had communicated with Pearson via text as recently as Sunday night, was devastated by the news of her passing Monday morning.
She has decided to continue with the fundraiser and put the proceeds to good use as per Pearson’s wishes.
Coish said a few people have cancelled orders in light of the tragedy but many others have not.
She added that given the circumstances, those who have ordered are welcome to cancel.
To contact Coish, call 274-0787 or message her through her Facebook page (Tess’ Kitchen).
The cookies will be ready for Valentine’s Day.