Construction season in full swing

Construction on roads, sidewalks, and sewers in Fort Frances is in full swing as Public Works crews and contractors work through the summer schedule.
Among the projects is the rebuilding of McIrvine Road from Fifth Street to Eighth Street, with an estimated price tag of $595,000. Work there already is close to completion, including waterline repairs and resurfacing.
In early August, crews will begin to resurface Fourth Street West from York to Cornwall, a project with an estimated price tag of $205,000 and a completion date of around mid-September.
Other roads scheduled for repair this summer include:
• Oakwood Road from Colonization Road West to Lyndy Place for $127,000 from late July to early August,
•Fifth Street East from Shevlin to Colonization Road East to be paved for $141,000 and completed early in July; and,
•Keating Avenue from Fifth Street West to Sixth Street West to paved for $20,000.
Sidewalk repairs scheduled for September and October include:
•both sides of Third Street West from Holmes Avenue to Wright Avenue for $22,000;
•both sides of Third Street West from Webster Avenue to Lillie Avenue for $45,000;
•both sides of Second Street West from Holmes Avenue to Wright Avenue for $22,000;
•the north side of First Street West from Holmes Avenue to Wright Avenue for $11,000; and,
•the east side of Mosher Avenue from Nelson Street to Front Street for $5,500.
Wheelchair access ramps will be under construction in late July for $10,000 and repairs of up to $10,000 as per a 1992 appraisal in early July.
Watermain repairs will be underway on Eighth Street from York to Walker Avenue throughout July, with a price tag of $150,000.
Sewer repairs totalling more than $750,000 also will be underway this summer, including on Victoria Avenue from First Street East to Second Street East, on Third Street East from Victoria to Armit, and on Sixth Street West near Walker Avenue.
Other connecting link work could begin in September if provincial funding is made available, including a $330,000 reconstruction job on King’s Highway from Central Avenue to York.
“We’ve applied for MTO connecting link funding,” noted Operations and Facilities manager Pat Hickerson. “I’m hoping we’ll hear at any time.
“We’re surveying and doing preliminary work right now so we’re prepared,” he added.
Some projects have been postponed while money is allocated to repairing frost-damaged roads with a “frost-taper” in order to prevent them from shifting every spring.
“This just spreads it out over a larger area, not just straight up and down,” Hickerson explained. “The movement is minimal and spread over a wider area.”