Confederation College Finishes Second In Provincial Graduate Employment Rate


Confederation College has continued to score high marks in Colleges Ontario’s key performance indicators released this month. Two standouts for the college include a tie for second place in the province for Graduate Employment Rates, and a third-place finish in Graduate Satisfaction Rates, said a press release from January 30.

Colleges Ontario, the association representing the province’s 24 public colleges, indicated that 91.1% of Confederation’s graduates were employed within six months of graduating. The college narrowly missed out on the top spot, by a mere 1.2%. The Provincial average was approximately 83%. Elsewhere, 83.5% of graduates reported that they were very satisfied or satisfied.

“We are pleased that we continue to achieve these high results,” says Confederation College president, Kathleen Lynch. “These results are consistent with recent years, as the college has maintained high results in employment and satisfaction indicators.”

The Graduate Employment Rate is the percentage of graduates who are working full or part time within 6 months of graduation. It excludes those who are in school full time or are not actively looking for work. Graduate Satisfaction Rate is determined from the percentage of graduates who are very satisfied or satisfied with the usefulness of their college education in achieving their goals after graduation.

However, Confederation College is still looking to improve overall graduation rates. The school is currently finalizing a Retention and Graduation strategy, with details to be announced in the coming months.

The Graduation Rate is based on tracking individual students who entered a program of instruction in a particular enrollment reporting period and assessing how many of those individuals completed the program.

The program duration used to establish a student’s program completion time frame equals approximately 200 per cent of the normal program duration except for applied degrees where a seven-year completion period is used. The rate can be negatively impacted by people who switch programs, resulting in a failure to complete their original program.

The full key performance indicator results are available at