Condo display unit almost completed

As the River Walk Condominium project inches closer to completion here, the Fort Frances Non-Profit Housing Committee is working on marketing plans to help sell the remaining 12 units.
“From a construction point of view, this is one of the busiest times in the project. They’re well into everything on the site,” Fort Frances CAO Bill Naturkach said Tuesday.
Currently, tenants are finalizing suite upgrade options with the contractors, cement is being poured for driveways, and much of the exterior of the building has been completed.
“Asphalt is being laid, the roof is on, and they’re going big guns over there. Everyone is excited,” Naturkach enthused.
The Fort Frances Non-Profit Housing Inc. was slated to meet Wednesday to discuss issues such as marketing the remaining unsold units.
Currently, 12 of the 32 units are not sold.
Throughout the planning process, organizers had theorized that many buyers were wary of purchasing a unit before they could view the finished product.
As such, the contractor is working to complete a display unit so prospective buyers can preview what their suite would look like.
“That’s the number-one priority of Penn-Co. To put all the units in as fast as they can so that they can have one suite used for a display suite,” Naturkach said.
A date hasn’t been set, but Naturkach estimated local realtors would be able to offer tours of the display unit to prospective buyers by the beginning of November.
“We’ve had a number of people coming to us lately asking about it,” he remarked. “Now they can see it and appreciate the value.”
“It’s four stories, and a prime location when the La Verendrye [parkway] construction is complete,” Naturkach added. “It will be a great place to live, with access to the pathway outside and close to downtown.”
At its meeting Wednesday, the housing committee also will discuss the contractor’s bid to move the completion date for the condo project from Dec. 1 to Dec. 15.
Construction was delayed by two weeks this summer during the flooding and they have not been able to make up the time.