Condo amenities, decor to be on display

In a marketing blitz to promote the town’s condominium project, an open house will be held next week to display some of the interior features of the development.
“Part of the marketing program for the condominiums is we’re setting up a display with various marketing components,” said Fort Frances CAO Bill Naturkach.
The developer, Penn-Co Construction, has build models of rooms that will be built in the condos in a building on the corner of Victoria Avenue and Scott Street beside Arroma Pizza.
The building will be open from Wednesday and Thursday next week from noon to 8 p.m.
“It will show amenities of washrooms, floor quality, wall quality, that type of thing,” noted Naturkach.
There will also be architect’s sketches of the condominium, which is to be built on the corner of Front Street and Crowe Avenue.
“The [open house] will be staffed by reps. from Pen-co and local committee members,” said Naturkach. “You can come in and talk, touch and look.”
In order for construction of the condominiums to go ahead, 30 downpayments of $3,000 must be received.
“It’s totally refundable if people change their minds,” said Naturkach.
To date, 17 downpayments have been made with information packages being picked up on a daily basis by prospective buyers.
In total, the condominium will have 36 units.