Community ‘tagging’ with acts of kindness

Duane Hicks

You’re it!
“Acts of Kindness” generously are being donated by individuals and businesses for the upcoming “Acts of Kindness Benefit.” And like a game of community tag, organizers are hoping that people who hear of these acts will be spurred on to do the same.
The benefit—featuring a dinner, live entertainment, and an auction—will be held Friday, Dec. 3 starting at 6 p.m. at the Legion in Fort Frances.
Individuals and businesses are invited to donate gifts of time or service. These, in turn, will be auctioned off or otherwise sold at the benefit, with proceeds going to the Fort Frances “Community Chest.”
“Many people are coming forward to contribute because they have been helped by ‘Community Chest’ in the past; or they know a friend or family member who has, and they are amazed by how incredibly helpful the people at ‘Community Chest’ are,” said Tannis Drysdale, one of the organizers of the “Acts of Kindness Benefit.”
“Others are just kind, considerate community members who recognize the need.
“I should mention that like many of the other organizers of this event, I am not part of the ‘Community Chest’ committee,” Drysdale added. “We are just fans of their work.
“We realize that they need the help of the community to continue to carry out their very essential role within our district.”
Fellow organizer Anthony Mason said some examples of “Acts of Kindness” which have been donated so far include two gifts of two hours of housecleaning from Tammy Burghardt, and four gifts of one-hour service calls, including electrical, gas, propane, oil heating, or furnace repair, from Dennis Roach at DJ Roach Electric.
KaBeeLo Lodge Fly-in Resort has donated a stay of three full days and nights at one of their outpost cabins. It includes a two-way seaplane flight from KaBeeLo Lodge to one of their fully-equipped cabins outfitted with boat and supplies.
Co-organizer Wanda Botsford said the “Acts of Kindness Benefit” is “something that anyone can give to, and there is some room for creativity.”
“All you need is a desire to help other people,” she remarked. “It could be a great tool to use to teach children the true meaning of Christmas.
“We can raise funds and spirits with whatever talents we each have.
“As a community, we all gain from the ‘Acts of Kindness,’ as well as from the money being raised through the dinner and auction to help many of our local ‘Community Chest Champions,’” Botsford added.
“It’s like a big game of community tag,” she enthused. “We are hoping that one good deed will inspire another—that people will be charged with a jolt of kindness.”
Drysdale said “Acts of Kindness” can be anything from snow shovelling, running errands, and giving haircuts to tax preparation, plumbing, car detailing, preparing dinner for six, a snowmobile or fishing outing, or singing at a house party.
“There are endless possibilities of services that can be ‘Acts of Kindness,’” Drysdale remarked.
“For those who have donated to ‘Community Chest’ in the past, and towards this benefit, ‘Thank you!’” she added. “Your gift makes a difference, whether it’s big or small.
“It will help people to have some dignity and to champion their particular challenges when the rest of their life seems upside down.”
For those who may not know, the purpose of the “Community Chest” is to provide financial aid to local families who may need help to cover medical costs.
If you can commit to an “Act of Kindness,” contact Anthony Mason by calling the Fort Frances Chamber of Commerce at 274-5773 or via e-mail at