Community Living month promotes inclusion

By Daniel Adam
Staff Writer

May is Community Living month. On Tuesday morning, workers, residents, and community members gathered to watch the flag raising at the Civic Centre.

For Fort Frances and district CEO Ted Scholten, the flag flying on Portage Ave signifies acceptance.

“It’s a month to celebrate their inclusion in the community,” he said. “To recognize that persons with developmental disabilities are a part of the community and that they need to be included in activities — full integration.”

Mayor Andrew Hallikas shared a similar sentiment, praising the organization’s dedication to helping residents experience inclusion and equity.

“Community Living does an amazing job of supporting individuals throughout their lives,” he said. “We thank this wonderful organization for the contribution to the quality of life and the people they serve.”

Scholten mentioned that a number of people in attendance Tuesday are part of a supported employment program.

He said they do a type of apprenticeship with various companies, and some are hired into full-time roles as a result.

“Community participation is huge,” said Scholten.

Stay tuned to the Fort Frances Times this coming month for more Community Living coverage from Robin McCormick.

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