Coming up on council tonight

By Merna Emara
Staff Writer

Council briefs

Tonight will be the last meeting of the month for the Fort Frances council. The next council meeting will be held on May 10.

Colonization Road

The agenda will begin with the public meeting on the renaming of Colonization Road East and West after the 30-day consultation period has ended.

Council has previously requested that when a name is proposed, rationale and supporting information be submitted with the name.

During this meeting, comments and input on proposed names will be summarized and presented to the Planning and Development Committee to narrow the selection down to five names. The five names, along with additional input, will then go back to council for a final decision.

Although the meeting is open to the public, those speaking at the meeting have already registered with Cody Vangel, municipal planner.

St. Michael’s zoning

The planning and development division portion of the agenda also includes the zoning bylaw amendment of 820 Fifth St. East. If council approves the report submitted by the Planning and Development Executive Committee, 820 Fifth St. East will be rezoned from Institutional Type one to Residential Type Two.

Approval of the rezoning request will see the Rainy River District Social Services Administration Board (RRDSSAB) renovating the former school to a 13-unit apartment for seniors, with the inclusion of an EarlyON nursery.

The remainder of the property will be utilized for the construction of five 8-plexes. The constructed five 8-plexes would provide 40 bachelors and one-bedroom apartments for rent. Some of the rental units would be market value and the remainder would be 30 per cent less than market value.

In light of the divided view on this request, two online petitions were created in order to give council a perspective on how many members of the public support or oppose the construction of the five 8-plex housing units.

Thus far, the petition in support of the construction of the housing units has gathered 104 signatures, while the petition asking to preserve the green space around St. Michael’s gathered 434 signatures.

Town council meetings are open to the public online through the Microsoft Teams platform or the public can phone-in. To access a town council meeting, follow the instructions at the top of the agenda you would like to attend, posted at or call 807-274-5323 for assistance.