College students receive honours

The Fort Frances campus of Confederation College held an awards ceremony Monday for some of its more outstanding students.
Letters of first-class standing were given to 18 students for their performance in the fall semester while nine received scholarships and bursaries.
Earning first-class standing were Amanda Ward, Barry Plourde, Debora Nussbaumer, Heather Mutz, Amanda Hartnell, Robert Barnard, Alissa Sinclair, Rachel Clink, Rebekah Barron, Kimberley Vanderhorst, Rebecca Van Drunen, Jon Brickwood, Sally Lee, Kristen Wishart, Kate Pelletier, Alicia Nordin, Melissa Hartnell, Jillian Gagne, and Laurel Armstrong.
The letters are awarded to full-time students who achieve a minimum grade point average of 3.5.
Three local students received the Fort Frances Golf Committee Awards: Wishart (a student in Early Childhood Education), Lee (Social Service Worker), and Candace Dokuchie (Teacher’s Aide).
Campus manager Anne Renaud noted the golf committee scholarships are provided through the annual Confederation College Scholarship Golf Tournament held at Kitchen Creek.
“Those funds are raised locally,” Renaud said. “We’re really happy the community supports us.”
Other scholarship winners included:
•Armstrong (Early Childhood Education), who won both the Aune Lahti Endowment Fund bursary as well as the Kiwanis Club of Thunder Bay Award;
•Clink and Barron (Teacher’s Aide), who both won the Joseph St. Amand Memorial Award;
•Tara Albenese (Social Service Worker), who won the Zaitzeff Law Bursary;
•Kristen McFarlane (Teacher’s Aide), who won the Scotiabank Award; and
•Amanda Hartnell, who won an anonymous award.