College students helping out at district schools

Elementary and secondary students at several district schools are getting a helping hand from college students now that the Rainy River District School Board and Confederation College recently implemented the “Tutors in the Classroom” program here.
Melissa Daupe, Chris Dent, Christina Haney, Paul Daoust, Ken McKay, and Barb Kwasnicia–all enrolled in the computer program at Confederation College here–have started, or will soon start, paid positions helping students and teachers at Huffman, Fort High, Robert Moore, Riverview, Sixth Street, and a sixth school (yet to be determined) respectively.
“When it was initiated about two years ago, it was meant to bring post-secondary students to the science, math, and tech programs for the purpose of helping teachers with teaching aids and introducing students to new technologies,” said Betty Ann LaRocque, assistant superintendent of the public school board.
“That’s what we’re doing here,” she added.
The program, used in schools in many parts of Ontario, came about here after the board submitted an application to the Ministry of Education in June.
The program got the green light when partial funding from the ministry came through. “They’re paying $1,000 per student for salaries and benefits, and the board matches that,” noted LaRocque.
The college students can tutor for up to 183 hours each at their designated school during the school year but are not required to do so.
The flexibility, and the fact the tutors are still students themselves, pleased Don Lovisa, manager of the local Confederation College campus.
“It’s very good for the students. They can work around their own schedules, and they get to apply what they are learning in their courses,” he enthused.
“I think it’s a great opportunity for [elementary and secondary] students to learn, and for college students to gain something from teaching what they know,” echoed LaRocque.
“It’s also neat to see a working relationship between the college and the board,” she added.